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Simon ParryWelcome to my new blog and my new website. I have just finished setting up this site, which I built using the Joomla!content management system and open source technologies like PHP and MySQL. This website hosts my blog. I’m using this blog to discuss the latest developments in the world of websites, information architecture, usability and information systems.

I have worked in the Union movement for over a decade now, and I’ll be taking a special look at how the information age is affecting Unions. I’ve been innovating in the use of technology in Unions during this time, having first started at a small union called the Engineers’ & Managers’ Association (EMA) after graduating from a post graduate course in Information Management at Sheffield University leading Information department.

I specialised in Internet technologies during my studies, and was soon given control of the new website at the EMA. Ten years later, the EMA has merged to form Prospect, who has since merged with Connect, the IT and telecoms professionals unions. I now find myself as the Head of Information & Website Systems at Prospect, dealing with all aspects of technology for the professionals’ Union.

Anyway, feel free to leave a comment, or email me with anything you’d like to discuss.

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  1. Simon Crosby says : Reply

    Welcome to the world of blogging, Simon. I like your infobo logo. Looking forward to what you have to share with us!

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