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Every year in June I look at a number of industry metrics for all the TUC-affiliated trade union websites. To help unions see how their site has progressed, I compile them into a league table. The way these metrics are weighted changes frequently, so it’s important to look at them in comparison to other unions,

What is responsive design?

Tuesday, 24 March 2015 by
Responsive design

Every website I’ve built over the last few years have been developed using a technique called ‘Responsive Design’. I’m often asked what this is and why it’s needed, so I’d thought I’d explain this approach to website design. Before the rise of devices like smartphones and tablets, almost every visit to a website was made


We are currently seeing the biggest increase in new top level domains names since the rise of the web. Domains like .com, .net, and are by now are very familiar, and a few more obscure ones, such as .biz and .info, have been around for a few years. This year, ICANN and the

Trade Union

Every June I look at a number of key industry metrics to see how the TUC affiliated unions’ websites rank against each other.  The results are compiled in a trade union website league table, and the 2014 version is now complete. The full league table can be seen below and last years’ results are here: trade


Monday, 02 June 2014 by
Careersmart logo

I’ve recently launched a new website on behalf of Prospect, the professionals’ union.  The website – Careersmart – provides free careers information as well as emphasising the contribution unions can make in the workplace. The site has a range of articles dealing with career issues, from help with job hunting to advice on how to

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It’s been a year since I created the first trade union website league table, and so I’ve updated it below for 2013. I provide search engine optimisation services regularly to the private sector. However, I also do a lot of consultancy work with unions and I feel search engine optimisation is an overlooked area where unions can

Apprenticeship jobs & guide app

Monday, 11 March 2013 by

I’ve recently been working with Prospect and Unionlearn to develop an app aimed at people doing or considering doing an apprenticeship. It’s just been officially launched to coincide with National Apprenticeship Week 2013 (March 11th to 15th). It’s available on Android smartphones and tablets, and the iPhone/iPad. The objective was to create an app that

I’ve managed and developed a number of union websites over the years. However, a project I’ve recently completed presented a completely different type of challenge – building a website for a union branch. Union branches often rely on a small number of volunteers, many of whom carry out union duties in addition to their day

There was a lot of interest in my report about trade unions and search engine optimisation. I’ve been asked about the scoring metrics I used to estimate how well a website would rank in search engine results. The metrics I used are the Page Authority, Domain Authority and MozRank provided by the leading Search Engine

I’ve been doing a lot of work on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) recently. It’s a skill that is growing in demand as more and more organisations realise how much traffic they can generate through search engines. Having worked at Prospect and still working with union clients regularly, I thought I’d take a look at how