Information Architecture

information-architecture-1024x683Infobo’s Simon Parry is an experienced and qualified freelance Information Architect (IA), working directly with clients and in partnership with web development companies. He combines these skills with website consultancy and search engine optimisation.

Simon first discovered his passion for organising data when programming  two library systems in his teens. Later he worked as a graduate trainee librarian at Trinity College Dublin before the growing role of the internet in the 1990s convinced him to study an MSc in Information Management.

Simon has worked on numerous website developments for many clients including online retailers, service providers, hospitals, website developers and trade unions.  Simon has also designed and improved a number of internet based applications like knowledge management, legal casework management, membership systems, content management systems and electronic libraries.

One question he gets asked a lot is: what is Information Architecture?

Here are two of his favourite quotes describing IA:

“Information architecture is the structural design of shared information environments. It’s the combination of navigation, search, organisation and labelling behind a website, intranet or app.”

Or more simply:

“The art and science of organising websites.”

Still not sure? Well, in practical terms, it means doing things like this:

  • Creating wireframes – the digital version of a blueprint for websites and apps.
  • Developing taxonomies – classification systems for subjects or organisations.
  • Designing navigation systems, so that people can get to where they want to go, and know where they are when they get there.
  • Making sure that using a website or app is a pleasant user experience. Also known as usability.
  • Using the right addressing scheme and URL structure for websites and downloads, so that people and search engines can find the information they want.
  • Optimising websites so that search engines understand the site and rank it highly (SEO).

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