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I’ve recently launched a new website on behalf of Prospect, the professionals’ union.  The website – Careersmart – provides free careers information as well as emphasising the contribution unions can make in the workplace.

The site has a range of articles dealing with career issues, from help with job hunting to advice on how to ask for a change in working conditions. There are also sections on the different forms of employment, from advice on self-employment and freelancing to guidance on the pitfalls of agency working and zero hour contracts. The pensions section covers some of the most widely asked questions, such as the importance of having a pension plan, and information on the most common types of pension schemes.

Careersmart screenshotProspect have produced a number of podcasts for the site, offering career guidance that can be listened to easily and conveniently. These covers topics from managing work stress to preparing for job interviews.

There are also some interactive tools, including a salary calculator that provides information on how much pay you can expect to take home following deductions from tax, pension and student loans. A skills audit career test helps you identify which skills you need to develop while another online tool provides a comparison of the different pay rates across sectors and job roles.

Rachel Bennett, Prospect’s Lifelong Learning Officer, said:

We built Careersmart as we wanted to create a modern website offering free career progression guidance to all, while highlighting the positive role unions have to play in the workplace.

Right at the start of the project, there was an emphasis on ensuring the content was easily accessible on modern devices such as smartphones, tablets and widescreens. This has been achieved through ‘responsive’ website design, whereby the website proportions adjust to the size of the screen, so that users with small screens don’t need to zoom in and out, while those on large widescreen displays still get the benefit of a wide display.

In order to ensure the site reaches the largest audience possible, the site has been search engine optimised. This helps it appear higher up in search engine results, increasing the number of visitors that see the content.

The site can be accessed at

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  1. Rachel says : Reply

    I like the crisp layout of this website with the host of career podcasts – great revision tool! A particular asset is the e-booklet “practical guide to your career” – easy to read and implement!

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